The Workshop

I used to make every sign myself, but we are a bit busy for that nowadays. However, our tried and tested handmade process has remained very much the same since 2007, it ensures every sign that leaves our premises has personality and individuality. No two signs will ever be the same and that it how we like it. Nothing beats the beauty and smell of natural wood in your home.

But we sure know how to turn a plain piece of wood into a beautiful and eye-catching piece of wall art!

The wood starts its life in the workshop and is cut to size and then sanded to ensure all the edges are smooth(ish). Once sanded we use wood stains and waxes to age the wood to the right colour. When the wood is dry, it’s ready to come over to the studio where the wording is applied. We don’t like to boast, but we really are the best stencillers in the world – bar none! It takes at least six months of training to bring a stenciller up to full speed with no mistakes. Customers can’t believe the wording is hand applied and not by machine as it is so precise and eye catching. We then add layers of lacquer to give it a water proof finish, apply a clip or rope and complete with the Austin Sloan stamp.


The wood we use is Pine wood from northern Europe and is a bi product from other larger wooden projects so is responsibly sourced and fits in with our green culture...

We only use FSC managed forests and timber merchants to ensure that we are providing products that do not affect the environment. We have been offered much cheaper wood but the origin and forestry replanting plans are questionable so we steer well clear!

Nowadays there are 18 of us in the workshops, studio and offices busily making and packing every single sign by hand. Apart from hand sanders, drills and a chop saw everything is done by hand, no flatbed printer, laser or CNC machines whatsoever and that is how it will continue.

A new addition to the team is our crazy Cockapoo Forest! A little nut case of a dog who generally can be found scavenging for food under everyone’s desks and if unsuccessful eating discarded sponge...

Although I still oversee the whole operation, nothing would really happen if it wasn’t for the girls in the office! Rachel (my wife) and Laura somehow manage to answer all the incoming calls, emails and walk ins with such grace and virtue whilst dealing with the day to day issues I generally cause!

Austin Sloan