Our Wording Inspiration

Our Wording Inspiration

I often get asked "where do all your sayings come from, do you make them up?". Well the honest answer is they come from everywhere. I am not the most avid of reader and I am most definitely not some genius poet like Wordsworth or Keats, but I am good at seeing and hearing trends. Wording has appeared on signs and products for hundreds of years and with my formative years spent within the Antique industries I was always fascinated by scripts and calligraphy.


We get asked to make many thousands of personalised signs per year and sometimes trends are seen in these like the many different family / homely signs we have see purchased during lockdown reflecting the countries need for comfort and familiarity, my favourite so far is "Lockdown Life at the Baileys"

This year has also seen an increase in garden related signs especially the ever so popular hot tub range which have really flown this year with lockdowns, sunshine and staycations the new norm! Although alcohol related signs have always been immensely popular, lockdown has produced some funny requests with my favourites being "Lockdown alcoholics live here" and "We're in the Hot Tub drinking anything alcoholic!".

So, although it might disappoint you that I am not some literary genius, I can guarantee that there will always be good ideas and contemporary sayings for both your homes and gifting.

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